Approved AT&T designer (ACAS #3857SW), design of the following: inside/outside plant, telecommunications, cable tv, long haul and local, network planning and design, feeder and distribution. Permitting and OPTI services, VRAD design, RT design, as-built drawings, and record updates.


Additionally, Solaray provides Construction Management Services. With over 35 years of experience in managing construction projects for utilities and telecommunications, Solaray successfully oversees the construction of facilities for their clientele.

  • Approved ATT Designer (ACAS #3857SW)
  • Telecommunications Design
  • Cable TV Design
  • Network Planning and Design
  • Long Haul and Local, Feeder and Distribution Design
  • Permitting
  • OPTI Services
  • VRAD Design
  • RT Design
  • Construction Management, As-Built Drawings and Record Updates


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